Friday, June 3, 2016

Week 10 Blog Forum

Topic 1 Best photo

1. The best photo that I have taken is the baseball shot of the action on first base.
2. The photo photo stood out because I captured the ball plus our guy safe on first base.
3.This photo reflects what I have learned in Photojournalism class because when I first shot baseball I wasn't very good, and I learned form the class to shoot low and get the players eyes and the ball.
4. When I have a photo assignment now its much easier to approach the subject and get the shot without disturbing the scene.

Topic 2; Goals then and now

These were my goals from the beginning of the term. 1, Take awesome photos of people and what they are doing. 2 Learn as much as i can about photojournalism. Have an awesome term!

In achieving my goals the area that I most achieved in, is being comfortable taking pictures of people and what they are doing. For example the first couple of photo assignments were distant and not in the action. Plus the captions are way better now than they were.

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