Friday, June 3, 2016

Week 10 Blog Forum

Topic 1 Best photo

1. The best photo that I have taken is the baseball shot of the action on first base.
2. The photo photo stood out because I captured the ball plus our guy safe on first base.
3.This photo reflects what I have learned in Photojournalism class because when I first shot baseball I wasn't very good, and I learned form the class to shoot low and get the players eyes and the ball.
4. When I have a photo assignment now its much easier to approach the subject and get the shot without disturbing the scene.

Topic 2; Goals then and now

These were my goals from the beginning of the term. 1, Take awesome photos of people and what they are doing. 2 Learn as much as i can about photojournalism. Have an awesome term!

In achieving my goals the area that I most achieved in, is being comfortable taking pictures of people and what they are doing. For example the first couple of photo assignments were distant and not in the action. Plus the captions are way better now than they were.

Photo Essay, Farm to Customer

Farm to Customer

One of LBCC's three greenhouses, located in the northwest corner of campus, housing the tomatoes, peppers and broccoli. The students in the Profitable Small Farm program strive to farm the crops organically. When the crops are producing the students sell the produce in the courtyard outside of Takina Hall. 

Jesse Schell, right, tells Max Meehan how much the farm stand sold so far. Both Jesse and Max are from farming backgrounds. Jesse got involved in the student farm because he wanted to know more about where his food came from. Max wanted the practical information that the PSF program provides. 

The onions that are grown on the two-acre garden plot are amazingly delicious.

Max Meehan sells some snap peas and Swiss chard to an eager costumer. The Swiss chard can be steamed and thrown in a curry or eaten raw in a salad.

The farm stand is every Thursday from 10:30-12:30 to the outside of Takina Hall. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 9 blog forum

Topic 1: Turning Pro

What is the next step?

After this term of Photojournalism, over the summer I plan to practice what I've learned in class to better my skills. Also next term I plan on working with the Commuter by photographing for them. The pros of actually going "pro" and either freelancing or working as a staff photographer is that you get a lot of exposure in the work environment as a photographer, the downside is that it has to be a life style not something you can put down each weekend. The biggest plus to the photographer "lifestyle" is that you get to photograph everything about daily life of your subjects.

What skills have you learned?

I have learned that in each situation you have to learn which is the best way to photograph your subject. Also in every situation it is best let your subject get comfortable with you before you start photographing them, they have to be confident that you will take good photos of them. Things that I still have to learn are what does the paper who ever your client is want? This question is always uppermost in my mind before I go out to photograph.

What other Photographer has stood out to you?

Dorothea Lange has stood out to me as being an amazing photographer. First of all because she strongly felt that each photo had to portray the scene and time period perfectly, and she did not believe in messing with the photo in such a way that would ruin the subject. My favorite photo that she took is the one of the mother and her two kids set in the Great Depression, because it portrays the great depression perfectly. In my own work to improve, I could use the rule of portraying the scene as well as the time in history.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 8 bog forum

Topic 1: Technology Innovation

The greatest technological advancement in the history of photojournalism, is the Digital camera. With the digital camera the photographer can shoot longer and faster, without having to change film. Plus the time the photographer shoot his assignment to the editing and publishing is way less than processing film.

Lynsey Addario really stands out from all other photographers. First of all because she is and was a war photographer, also she embedded into the story that she was shooting. The places that she got access to were way more compelling because it portrays the raw reality of war. for example her work in Afghanistan during the US occupation really showed the hardships that the Afghan people were experiencing.

Topic 2: Photo Story

For my photo story Im going to photograph the Sustainable Farms Class. I would like to get photos of the students harvesting and preparing for market and also the selling of the produce. Some close up pictures of the produce and overall images of the fields and the students working. I wont know till I can see the farm.


The LBCC RoadRunners face the flag for the National Anthem before taking on Southwestern Oregon Community Collage on Friday May 6.

Jake Boyde, taking time to deliver a perfect pitch, while the SWOCC coach talks with his player.

Number 9, Colton Cosner safe on first base. LBCC won the first game 7-5 but lost the second game 2-3.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 7 blog forum

Action Sports

  1. The sports that I photographed was the Linn Benton Community Collage, Baseball team. 
  2. They played May 6, at one in the afternoon at the baseball diamond right next to the front parking lot. 
  3. For my Overall, Medium and Closeup. For the overall shot I took a photo of the team facing the flag while the National Anthem played. For the Medium shot I have a shot i took of the action on first base. For the Closeup there are a couple of photos that are really close and full of action, I'll have to pick which one. 
  4. Brian Hausotter is my contact for writing my captions for all the photos. 

  1. Two tips that stood out to me in the textbook about shooting sports, was "always have spare memory cards." When shooting sports, having four or more extra cards can really be helpful. Because the shooting sports with the camera on continuous mode is essential. The second tip that stood out to me, was the fact that when you are photographing you have to be focused and study the "sports" that you are shooting, so that you can anticipate the action. 

Jefferson Oregon

Jefferson Oregon

Jefferson's two historical cites, the bridge on the right is the Jacob Consor bridge built in 1933. Named after the town's founder Jacob Consor who ran a ferry that would shuttle people across the river. The Trussel bridge on the left was built in 1906, a full twenty-seven years before the car bridge.

A new store in Jefferson, is the Center Market store along State Highway 99E. The store was recently founded, providing more competition for the main Jefferson Thrift-Way store.

From miles around farmers get their hair cut at Derek's Barber shop, on main street Jefferson.